Dreamland Story
Dreamland Story Dreamland Story


Mia is a joyful and merry child, the kind of sunshine that is meant to be loved. She is always ready to give you a warm smile. Together with her favourite upbeat teddy bear who loves to encourage her, she travels through the world of her dreams with pillows and lives adventure after adventure.

Main character traits: joyful, born leader, courageous

Dreamland Story

Pink pillow

The pink pillow is always cheerful and full of energy. She’s always around and wherever she goes, she wants to play. And as she plays with everybody and all the time, it often ends with minor accidents and small blunders. But who cares! Just be sure to smile widely and each problem is but a trifle. Important warning: don’t let her tell you jokes! She knows a thousand and one bad jokes, and she’s the one that likes them the most.

Main character traits: carefree, funny, full of life

Dreamland Story

Green pillow

The green pillow is the typical wanderer that just can’t sit still. She’s curious about the world and has to see and experience everything. She’ll dig to the deepest recesses of dreams to live through another adventure to tell the other pillows. Everybody always listens to her carefully and with great attention. After her stories, she likes to get everyone to dance, which she loves with all her plush heart. And as her heart is great, she can see all the beauty of the surrounding world.

Main character traits: spontaneous, nutty, amorous

Dreamland Story

Blue pillow

The blue pillow is the best friend of all sleepyheads and book lovers. She would gladly sleep through half of her life and spend the other half reading anything that falls into her plush little hands. In between those activities she loves to devour great numbers of cookies. Everyone sees her as a treasure trove of knowledge and respect her very much. She will gladly help you with any problem, as long as she’s not sleeping or eating.

Main character traits: lazy, smart, friendly

Dreamland Story

Red pillow

Careful with the red pillow. Seemingly cheerful and sunny, she likes to play tricks and pull pranks on others. She thinks she’s better and smarter than everybody else, which unfortunately isn’t true. Her attitude and silly jokes have left her without many friends.

Main character traits: arrogant, mean, proud

Dreamland Story

Orange pillow

Watch out girls, the orange pillow is quite a lover boy! A wink here, a flirty smile there, but the truth is, he only loves himself. He constantly peels his plush, orange belly and takes care that it doesn’t become too soft. Although he only thinks about himself and must always be the center of attention, he has one disarming skill –he sings like Sinatra, and does it often and very well.

Main character traits: idealist, lovely, gallant